How to Add Contact Us Form [Gadget] in Blogger on Contact Us Page

By | 30/11/2020

A few days ago I created a blogger blog and my contact form went to the need of that site. When I searched it on Google, I was surprised that people had given such a difficult way to their sites, from which they could not create contact forms.

I have been working on Blogger for many years And I thought, why do you explain this way to your users in an easy way? And they too can use this method only with the help of a code.

There is only one way to add the Contact us, form on blogger. You have to go on blogger and have edit the theme to paste the code in Head code.

But I will give you only one code which you have to paste on your contact us page only. Apart from this, you will not have to go anywhere.

Why We Need Contact Us Page?

We should definitely make that contact page on our blog. Because if any user has any work with us, ask anything or maybe some company wants to talk to you for any purpose. But if you did not have a contact system with you, then you could not come in any way.

First of all, you have to login to your blogger blog and then you have to create a new page, which you have to name “Contact Us”.

Now I give you a code, you have to go and paste that code in the HTML editor of the blog theme. After pasting this, you have to save it and publish it.

Now the “Contact Us” page has also become on your blog and “Contact Us form” too. You can check by going into preview mode or by opening the same page. Now you do not need any coding.

Click here to get the Code

So friends, this is very easy way to add contact us page on blogger. But if you have some knowledge in the case, then you can also design it well. This form is 100% working.

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