How to make a free Blog on Google Blogger

By | 26/11/2020

Creating a website in Blogger is not a difficult thing. Neither does it cost any money nor does it cost so much. If you also want to create a blog on Blogger, If you want to share some information about yourself or someone else, you can do it easily.

To make blogger blog, you must have a Google account called Gmail account. After this you have to open and sign it which is very easy..

1) Set the Title

Now when you make a blog on Blogger, then you were asked to select a title for your blog. Your title is to write the name of your blog like if you see the title of this blogger’s homepage, it will be under the name of “over blogging”.

2) Select the Subdomain

Subdomain is the URL of your website.If you are not able to set your own domain at the moment, then you should put some good words for your site. And yes, you can also change it later.

3) Select a Theme

Now you have to select a theme for your blog.Select a classic theme in the starting. Later you can buy a nice theme and apply it on your blog. If you want a theme for free, you can take a free theme from here.

4) Description Settings

These settings are very useful for your blog. You have to go to the settings and on that, you will see a description option. Write about your blog and click there. Description You can write in maximum of 500 words.

Blogger me Website Kaise Banaye

After completing this, if you want to write posts in your site, then you can write a new post by clicking on the button with the new post. Make your blog a regular update. This increased traffic to your blog.

5) Turn ON Https Redirect

When you create a new blog, you always want a secure connection. We are also called Ssl Certificate.The SSL will be found free on Blogger. Just do it once from the settings, as shown in the picture.

6) Enable Search Description

Just like I have shown you in the picture, similarly, you have to go to the settings of the blogger and on search description there. There are some 150 words to write about the word for your site.

What you write here will be seen in Google’s description. That is why your website will be the thing you have to give the keywords of the same thing here.

After this the basic settings of your site will be completed. Now we will add it to Google search console. For this we have made a separate post which you can read.

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