Cheapest Wireless Headphone in Pakistan Reviews

By | 17/03/2021

Are you looking for the cheapest headphones that are wireless, have good battery timing, and are standard? So today I am going to tell you all about a headphone that is very cheap and it has all the features that an expensive headphone has.

Cheap headphones in Pakistan.

If you’ve been shopping online, you’ve probably heard of the P47 Wireless. If you haven’t heard, I’ll give you full information on whether we should buy it or not. This is a very cheap headphone which costs around 700 Pakistani rupees in the market. These headphones have all the features that an expensive headphone has.

So if you want to get a pair of headphones, be sure to read about it.

P47 Wireless Head Phone Reviews

In these headphones, you can find the following items which you can use very easily. First of all, you will know about the things inside it. You get two cables in this headphone. One cable is for charging it and the other cable is for connecting headphones via a thickening jack.

You don’t get a full charger with it, you just get a charger cable with it. Now we will talk about its color. So you get four to five colors in it but most of the blue, black, and green headphones are available in the market.

For the rest, you will find blue, red, green, black, and yellow headphones, but in these three colors, you will find a lot more.

A few days ago I bought this headphone for my use online and when I used it well, I thought why not share my knowledge with you.


I will now tell you the features of this headphone and what it has in it. If you are going somewhere, you can fold the headphones and put them in your bag. This headphone gives great activity for long journeys. Its battery timing is very good.


These headphones have a wireless, blue touch system that allows you to listen comfortably in a four-story house. You can easily put these headphones in the last corner of your 4 marla house and listen to the other corner. That is, its range of signals is very good.


It also has a radio option. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can use the radio on it. There is an option of FM radio inside this headphone, which means that if you do not have a memory card or mobile phone, you can use the FM radio by putting the headphones over your ears. In the morning, these headphones are a great source of enjoyment

Memory card

You can listen to songs etc. by inserting a memory card in it. It has the option of a small memory card. It has the facility to insert a memory card. If you want, you can insert a memory card inside it and listen to it easily. Due to its good battery timing, people can easily listen to two thousand songs by inserting a memory card in it.


You guys! Finally, when it comes to its charger, many people ask about its charger, its charger, and battery. So its battery timing is very good. Once charged, you can run it for five hours. If we talk about its battery timing, then its battery timing gives a very high-quality performance. If applied, it charges in two hours and it can listen to you for four to five hours or you can listen to anything by attaching it to your computer or mobile.


Inside these headphones, you get a digital mic from which you can easily call anywhere. Connect with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and make clear calls from a distance.


Its body is made of a hard type of plastic, its textures are very nice and beautiful. Can be found in four to five colours here. If we talk about its plastic, how easily its plastic does not break. But in the winter, there are a lot of problems with the breakage of this plastic. Because their plastic gets hard and sometimes it can break due to over-opening.

Sound Quality

When it comes to its sound quality, its sound quality is very good. Sometimes people use it to play the PUBG game because it is very cheap, which is why it is the best-selling headphone in Pakistan. Is. If you play the PUBG game with these headphones, you get a very high-quality result. You may also hear the sound of people walking in circles. You can easily hear people’s footsteps. It sounds great. If you want a cheap pair of headphones, I’ll tell you to get one.

In addition, you can find many good technology options in it. For example, if you don’t have a mobile phone or a memory card, you can use an FM radio inside it. It also has Bluetooth, which allows you to connect it to your computer via Bluetooth. Its distance is good and it can be easily heard by placing it in a corner in a four marla house.

If you want to buy from you in the market you can find up to a thousand rupees. But you can also buy it online if you want. As you can find it on, there are many other online stores where you can buy it. It will cost you only Rs 750 to buy it on the internet which costs you Rs 900 including the delivery fee.

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