How to Disable Text Selection in Blogger Post | Disable Right Click in Blogger

By | 31/10/2020

Stealing someone’s content is not a good thing and it is against the law of the internet. But when someone copies a post from your website and puts it on their website, they take credit for all your hard work, even without your permission. It’s hard to deal with such people and you can’t stop them from coming to your website because it’s a little difficult to find out who that person is. So to prevent all this, you need to increase the security of your website.

If your website or blog is on WordPress, you will find many plugins to prevent you from copying the post, but if you use Blogger, then it becomes a little difficult for you to turn off text copying. But today I’m going to tell you how to stop copy-pasting and right-clicking from Blogger

I will give you some html codes that you have to put in your blogger. This will stop direct clicking on your blog and no one will be able to steal your content.

Stop right click on Blogger Blog

  1. Firstly, Sign in to your Blogger account and go to Your Blog Dashboard
  2. On the left sidebar click on “Theme”
  3. Now, Click on Edit HTML button
  4. Press CTRl+F and Find < /b:skin> code in Your Blogger Theme
  5. After Finding theme paste below Given Code above the <  /b:skin > Code.
  6. Your Blog text selection will be disabled.

Disable Text Selection in Blogger Post

To Disable Text selection on blogger follow me step by step:

First of all Open Your Blogger dashboard and Click on Theme and then click on Edit HTML button to edit the Theme as shown in the picture.

Now, Find the < /b:skin> code in theme by pressing CTRL+F and paste the < /b:skin> and Search. This code will appear on your screen we shown in the picture.

Paste this code above ]]>< /b:skin> code and now save the theme. Check your website copy selection it will be disabled and now no one can copy your posts.

If this code did not work then you can try this code. If you have any Problem regarding this Post you can ask it here in Comments.

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