DSLR camera app for android apk

By | 23/01/2022

DSLR camera app for android apk

DSLR camera app for android apk is the best application for photo editing. This DSLR HD Camera: 4K HD Ultra Camera was created with the goal of producing high-quality images and films. You may capture wonderful images professionally with this DSLR HD Camera: 4K HD Ultra Camera. This DSLR HD Camera: 4K HD Camera was created with the goal of providing consumers with the finest HD image quality possible from their device’s camera.
– DSLR HD Camera: The 4K HD Ultra Camera lets you take great pictures in high quality 4K with the front and back cameras of your smartphone. This is a very fast and easy app to capture amazing moments with your front and rear cameras.

DSLR HD Camera:

For Android phones and tablets, 4K HD Camera is a full-featured and absolutely free camera app. This professional camera app’s features are given below.
– You can easily download DSLR Camera HD, High Definition with Blur Response Time, Blur Editor and Filter Effect, DSLR HD Camera: 4K HD Camera for FREE!


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* Capture photos and videos in high-resolution HD 1080p.
* Choosing the right face; * Choosing between the front and rear cameras.
* Adjust the quality and resolution of the camera and video.
* Making a video
* Burst mode with a delay that can be adjusted.
Colour effects, white balance, scene modes, and exposure compensation can all be customised. The optional shutter sound can be turned off.
* Adjustable volume of keys from which you can take pictures, zoom or change the exposure compensation
* Camera Functionality: Scene Modes, White Balance, Color Effects, Support for Focus Modes, Exposure Compensation / Lock, Face Recognition and Flashlight.
* Support for all resolutions, including HD Ultra Quality video recording. Remote control: timer with automatic repeat mode and the auditory countdown (optional). Zoom in and out keys that can be adjusted.
* Multi-touch gestures and one-touch remote control
* You can lock the image or video in landscape or portrait orientation.
* Shutter sound can be turned off. * Photo effects Ideal for front-facing cameras (selfies!)

Alternate between front and back cameras.

* High-definition image capture

* Use the Blur Effect Editor to enhance your images.

* Changing the opacity level is simple.

* Fade complex areas of an image with ease.

* Change the brush’s size.

In short, this professional camera app will give you the best Ultra HD picture quality and you will definitely like it!
We’re sure you’ll love the functionality and features of this professional DSLR camera app.

Blur editor:

With this app, you can now easily and professionally blur your photo background too!

We’re sure you’ll like this blur effect camera after trying it out, so what are you waiting for …

DSLR camera app for android apk

Download the efficient working “DSLR HD Camera” now and get ready to take some great pictures to impress your friends!


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