How to get blogger post to Google search

By | 26/11/2020

How to add a blogger post in the Google search console. Here, you will guide you about indexing the website on Google. So you should not be worried anymore, if your website is not getting indexed in Google, then you should read this post completely.With this you will get a comprehensive information.

How to get a blog post to Google search

If you have a completely new blog and your blog is not getting indexed, then, first of all, check this thing that if your blog is not an issue in the sitemap. When you create a new blog, you have to verify it in the Google search console and give it a sitemap.

If you do not give sitemap to you, then do not be disturbed, I tell you the complete way here. I am making this post for If your website is on Blogger then you will find its way too.

How to add blogger blog to google search console

Blogger is a Google platform where everyone can easily create a blog for free.And you can share your experience, story, and more with some people and share it with people.People create a blog on Blogger, but they do not have to index it in Google search engine.

First of all, go in the Dashboard of Blogger, click on Settings, As shown in the screenshot.

Blogger blog ko google search console me kaise add kare [hindi]

When you click here, you will be redirected directly to the search console. Now you have to get your blog indexed there. So first of all add it to the search console. Like I have shown you in the screenshot.

blogger ko google me kese index krwain

As you have seen how I have added my blog in search console, you have to do the same. And after that you have to click on the button containing the continuum and it will show you something in this way.When the blogger needs to add it to the search console, it often does not require Okat code and it verifies automatically.

Now your site has been added to Google Search Console. But you have to put a sitemap. For sitemap, you have to go to the sitemap option and add a sitemap there. Open the search console and click on sitemap as shown in the screenshots there.

When you click there, you will have to add Sitemap there. Just write this code on your voice, which is given below.


or if it did not work then try this code and submit it in Sitemap.


Just copy and paste this code in Sitemap as shown in the picture above. It will work 100% and will index here. It is a very simple and working method to index fast in Google.

Now you have to go to your blogger’s dashboard and add Sitemap there. First of all, click on Settings in Blogger’s Dashboard. And Jain in a “crawlers and indexing” partition. There you will get the option of Custom Robots. Trust, on that you have to paste the below code and save it.

Sitemap Code for Blogger Blog

Save it and now your website will start getting indexed in Google. Give your website address in place of your

So, friends, I hope that you have understood these settings and your problems will have been solved.

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