First Phone with eSIM will launch iphone 2022 model

By | 29/12/2021

First Phone with eSIM will launch iphone 2022 model

First Phone with eSIM will launch iphone 2022 model

First Phone with eSIM will launch iphone 2022 model. For the past five years, we’ve been hearing that big brands like Samsung and Apple have been moving towards eSims. Since then, we have come across various reports revealing the removal of SIM trays from iPhones. A new report states that the iPhone 15 will be launched in 2023 and will include e-SIM for the first time.

iphone 2022 model:

For this, Apple is working with American carriers to develop eSIM for smartphones coming in September 2022. This information came from a famous Laker on Twitter.

Removing the physical SIM tray from smartphones :

Removing the physical SIM tray from smartphones will have many benefits when it comes to manufacturing. Most importantly, removing and inserting the SIM tray will be eliminated, leaving space inside.

Water and dust resistant:

Reducing one port will simplify the production frame, making the interior of the phone more water and dust resistant.
Earlier, Apple had replaced the headphone jack with MegSafe accessories. So this step will take him one step closer to the port less iPhone he dreamed of.

First Phone with eSIM will launch iphone 2022 model:

Apple is no stranger to eSIM bandwagon, as the company has been offering eSIM-ready devices like the Apple Watch and iPad for some time. So, from a technical standpoint, Apple is ready to completely eliminate the physical SIM slot on the iPhone. The company seemed to be waiting for the competition to intensify and the market to become more conducive to transition.

A previous rumor had it that eSIM would only be available in 2023 with the debut of the iPhone 15 series. But it looks like the change will come a year before the arrival of the iPhone 14 family.

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iPhone 14 will come with a design change:

This is somewhat meaningful, as rumors and alleged renderers suggest that the iPhone 14 will come with a design change. Apple is rumored to be pushing the camera lens housing down to flush it, reportedly going in favor of a punched hole punch cutout, and may return the round buttons of the iPhone 4 era.

However, Apple will not be the only phone maker to hit the road with eSIM only. Motorola has already adopted it for its Razr clamshell foldable, and along with Samsung, a group of Chinese smartphone makers have also warmed up the eSIM concept.


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