How to Buy a Used Mobile Phone in Pakistan – 5 Guidelines

By | 17/03/2021

If you are thinking to buy a used mobile phone from the market or from any person then you should read this post completely. Because I will tell you here 5 things which can increase your knowledge about mobile phones. When you are buying a mobile phone that is used by any person or from the market in Pakistan then you should check its IMEI number registration on the PTA website. Because after the announcement of PM Imran Khan now all branded mobile phones which are coming in Pakistan from out of the country you will need to pay their tax. Only this should not check there are more things which you can check before purchasing a used mobile phone so that you will never lose your money.

5 Guidelines to buy a Used Mobile Phone in Pakistan

There is more competition in mobile phone brands and every person has its own choice of the mobile phone company. Some like Apple Brand and Someone likes OPPO mobiles but if we came to its price then its prices are very high. So, most people move to buy a used mobile phone because it gets cheapest than a new phone. Now here is some guide you can use these steps and check the mobile phone health and its complete information before buying it.

1) Check the IMEI number

Dial *#06# and any brand mobile phone IMEI numbers will appear on the screen. Now that has to do with this IMEI number? I am telling you 3 guides about this IMEI.

Check IMEI on the Mobile Phone Box

Many people do the fraud that they make a handmade box and sticky the wrong IMEI paper on it. when you will see the IMEI number on your mobile phone match it with the box IMEI number. If it does not match then don’t buy this mobile phone because it is a fraudless mobile phone. It does match the same IMEI as appears in mobile then it’s ok.

Remove the Battery to check IMEI (Old models)

The second thing is that you should check its IMEI number on the phone body below the battery. If you are buying a smartphone that has a removable battery then remove the battery and check IMEI number is matched with the box or mobile phone or not. If it’s the same then it’s Ok.

Check IMEI is Registered to the PTA or not

As soon PM Imran Khan took over the government, he imposed taxes on mobile phones smuggled out of the country. Now such mobile phones will be used only for three months after it these mobiles will leave the coverage of the network in Pakistan and after paying taxes you will be able to use the mobile.

So, it is very important to check that is this registered or not. Open the DIRBS website and insert your mobile phone IMEI there and check the status As given in the Screenshots. Enter the 15 digits IMEI number which appears on the mobile phone screen after dialing *#06#. Solve the captcha after a click on I’m not a robot and then click on the Check button.

If you will see a green tick as shown below in the Image then your mobile phone is PTA approved and registered you will never need to worry about this. If you have dual SIM mobile then check both IMEI one by one.

These were the main things and very biggest problems for you if this goes wrong and you buy a not registered phone. If you buy a mobile that is blocked by PTA, you may have to pay a hefty price to fix it. So, must check this before buying a used mobile phone.

Check your Mobile phone Model is original or Not

In this competition, many people buy a china mobile phone. In many Market, people do fraud that they do a software of mobile phone and change its complete body to a branded mobile phone. if you are purchasing a Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, or any other brand phone then you may check that is this original brand or not, To check it you can dial *#06# and note the IMEI number. Now open the IMEI check website and enter 15 digits IMEI number. Your mobile phone model, brand, and the company will appear here. If everything is the same as shown on the IMEI checker site then everything is Ok.

2) Check the Battery Performance

The battery performance of the mobile must be checked as the operation of the mobile does not depend on it. First of all, you have to put the mobile on the charger and check whether it is charging or not. To do this, go to the settings of the mobile phone and turn on the battery percentage. Now let it charge a little. When its percentage starts to increase, understand that charging is fine.
Now you have to use the mobile phone, turn on its Wi-Fi, and use the internet for a while. If the battery is working properly and does not fall off at once, then many of the timings are also fine.

3) Check Front and Back Camera

If the camera of a big mobile phone does not work properly, then the mobile phone is not fun. So whenever you go to buy a used mobile, be sure to check the front and rear cameras. Be sure to check the flashlight of his camera as well.

4) Mobile Phone Signals

Mobile phone signals can also get you into a lot of trouble if they don’t heal. To check it, insert your SIM into the mobile phone and check its signals in an enclosed space. Sometimes cell phone signals work outside but not when we bring it home. To do this, go to the mobile settings and go to the mobile information option. Then go to SIM card status and check its signals there. Its 4G L signals should be better than -58 dBm.

5) Earphone – Handsfree Jeck

Be sure to check the earphone jack by hand-freeing it as it is more of a problem in used mobiles.

By following all the things I have told you, you can avoid fraud and buy a good mobile phone from any company for yourself. I hope you never have to worry about buying a used mobile phone again. If you know of any other information that I could not write here you can contact me or comment.

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