How to get Traffic on a New Blog and Website [Oragnic]

By | 18/11/2020

Making a Blog or website is simple and easy but if we look at Website traffic source then it is tough to step for starters. When You create a website and a blog then you need traffic and today I will teach you how to get organic traffic on a new website and blog.

First of all, you need to create social links to your website and blog. When you successfully create and publish your site then no one knows about it so, You have to create Social Profiles and pages for Your website. Create a Good and Professional Logo and favicon then start Creating Profiles on Social Networks which I am Providing You below.

List of Social Networks to Create Powerful Backlinks for a Website / Blog

6VKontakte (VK)
Top 12 social Sites for Backlinks

When you Start Your Blog then must create a Profile and Pages for Your website and Blog and Now share posts links regularly here. but keep in mind that when You will start sharing links everywhere on a site then They can block your site URL. So, Just Share Links on Your Page only.

It was the best method to get Traffic but if you have Adsense on your website to make money online then you have to take care of social traffic. Many people have complained that when they get traffic from Social networks such as; Facebook then ads Limits on Adsense will start which can stop earning. So, Don’t get traffic from Facebook and get original organic traffic.

Now it is a big Problem to get Organic traffic on your website but don’t worry I will guide you here to get organic traffic smoothly.

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How to get Traffic on a New Blog and website [Organic]

Organic traffic is very difficult but here is a technique which you can use and get original traffic from search engines like Google.

1. SEO:

SEO is the main factor to rank your website in the Top 10 results. If you do SEO on your website then you will get easily Organic traffic. If You are using WordPress then You must install Yoast SEO Plugin because it will guide you to correct your SEO mistakes.

2. Write Unique Content:

Content is the king and this word you heard from google. Many people and website owners had asked google why their blogs not ranked. Then Google says that “Content is the King” if Your content is better than others then you can beat your competitors easily. Because Google only ranks to original and unique content.

3. Backlinks:

As SEO is important similar backlinks are most important for your website. You will need Highly Authority and Quality backlinks not quantity backlinks. When you will create backlinks for your website then Your website Authority will increase and it will help to rank the website.

4. Update Content Regular

Keep regular Posts update. When a visitor visits your blog for reading a post then he will read other posts if your website has a responsive theme, New Posts, and a good look. so, if you will update your website regularly then every visitor came back to read new updates and it will increase your website trust. Visitor trust is a very powerful thing in ranking matters.

5. Submit Site and sitemap to Search Console

After creating a website you will need to submit your website to the Google search console. Google does not know your website and submits to search engines until you don’t tell him. So, Go to Search Console and Submit Your website Sitemap.


So, friends. These were the main factors that you have to follow to rank your website in the Top 10 results. I provide you me all knowledge that I know. If you have more knowledge then you can share with us. If Any reader has a problem with this post then you can ask me here in the comments.

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