How to Increase Wifi Speed in laptop Windows 10

By | 26/08/2021

How To Increase Wifi Speed in laptop Windows 10 copy

How to Increase Wifi Speed in laptop Windows 10

How to Increase Wifi Speed in laptop Windows 10. It’s annoying when you have too much work and your internet speed is low. There are several reasons why internet speeds are slow. Here are some reasons to increase the speed of Wi-Fi in Windows 10 laptops and related solutions.

This method is the most important but the easiest way to increase the Wi-Fi speed of your Windows 10 laptop. All background apps and bandwidth that we don’t use regularly use bandwidth which slows down your internet speed.

Wi-Fi is a great way to chat online, and it is definitely worth using for its capabilities and keeps you away from wires. However, users have reported some issues with the Wi-Fi range, and in this article, we’ll look at some simple ways to fix it. Also, be sure to check out our dedicated Wi-Fi Hub and learn how to fix any issues like files.

Method 1: Close all background apps.

Here are the steps to close all apps running in the background in Windows 10.

Set up the computer system settings panel.
Browse the Privacy option and click.
Click Background Applications to scroll down, and the list will go to the left of the screen.

Close all applications in the background, finally.

Remove all files on Windows 10 temporary and cache.

Basically, click on the System after accessing the Settings box.
Go to Storage next and look at the space-free way.
Click on the “Clean Now” button to delete all temporary files.

You may enhance the Wi-Fi performance on Windows 10 laptops by deleting your cache on Windows 10.

Turn the router back in.

You have to disconnect your router from the outlet if you use a wireless network.

Please wait 10 seconds, then connect it again to the power source.
It allows you to improve the speed of Wi-Fi in Windows 10 laptops.
Disconnect Wi-Fi in the Network Sharing Center.

Go to the sharing and networking centre first.

Following that, go to the left-hand menu and modify the adapter configuration.
Finally, right-click on Wi-Fi or Ethernet (network connection).
Now deactivate the network and right-click on it to reactivate it.
Finally, rebuild the Internet.

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