How to Make JazzCash account and order a Debit Card

By | 26/03/2021

How to Make JazzCash account and order a Debit Card

How to Make JazzCash account and order a Debit Card

How to Make JazzCash account and order a Debit Card. No matter where you are in Pakistan, if you have a balance in your JazzCash account and you have a debit card, you can go to any ATM machine from any bank and withdraw money immediately.
There are many banks in Pakistan from where you can withdraw money from your Jazz account debit card.

The jazz Cash account is currently being used very extensively in Pakistan. Because it is used more on mobile phones with a simple method.

Jazz has also introduced this feature on small mobiles to provide better services to its customers. With just one code, you can send the balance to your mobile phone, receive money and send money to anyone.

Make a JazzCash account and order a Debit Card.

 Make a JazzCash account and order a Debit Card. Then, if you have to pay the bill, you can pay the electricity, gas or internet bill from your mobile phone while sitting at home. Also, if you have to do an easy load on your mobile phone, you can do it from your home, office, and anywhere with your Jazz Cash account. First, you have only just dial *786#, and next, you have complete control of your JazzCash account.

How to make JazzCash Account?

  1. Creating a Jazz Cash account is not difficult, but it can be a little difficult if you have a SIM from another network. So what you have to do for this is if you have a Jazz SIM, then you have to dial *786# from your mobile phone.
  2. When you dial this code, it will ask for your ID card number. So, you need to quickly write down your ID card number and tape it on send.
  3. Another option will appear on your Mobile screen where you have entered the issuance date of your CNIC. you can see the issuance date of your CNIC on the back of your CNIC.
  4. on the next screen, Here it will ask you to choose the password of the account. All you have to do is select a four-digit password that you didn’t tell anyone. Because this is your privacy, if you tell someone this, it can be a big problem for you because only someone with a password can control your account and withdraw money from there.

If you have a Jazz SIM, you can easily create your legitimate cash account. But for that, you need some things. First, you must have your National Identity Card. In addition, you must have a mobile phone on which you can create your Jazz Cash account with a small code.

How to make a JazzCash account on other Network SIMS?

People using other mobile networks can easily create a JazzCash account on their SIM, but there will be some conditions. First, the jazz Cash Account on your SIM must not be pre-created. Second, if you have a Jazz Cash account on another SIM, you cannot create a Jazz Cash account.

If you do not have Jazz and you want to create a Jazz Cash account on another SIM, don’t worry, and I will tell you the complete method to create a Jazz Cash account on any of your network SIMs. You must have the JazzCash app because through this app, you will create a Jazz account and control your account. If you want to send money or receive money from somewhere, you have to use the Jazcash app.

Here is the method to make a successful JazzCash account.

  • first of all, download and install the JazzCash app on your mobile phone
  • Open it and click tape on. I have not an account. “Create an account.”
  • It will ask for your number.
  • Enter your number and verify by an automatic OTP system
  • Next, you have to do enter your CNIC number
  • Enter your CNIC issuance date, which is provided on the backside of your CNIC
  • Select your birth area/City
  • Now, you will receive an SMS with a 4 digit pin
  • Exit the app and reopen it
  • Enter your Mobile number and Pin code, which you have received in an SMS and Login
  • Enter 4 digit New PIN for your account
  • re-enter your 4 digit PIN and tape on the change PIN button
  • Congrats, you have successfully created your JazzCash account

Now that you have successfully created your JazzCash account, you can save money by depositing it in it, pay bills with it, load it easily, send money to anyone.¬† Send money through this app. You don’t have to go anywhere for this.

You have your own bank account in your hands. Withdraw money from your account at any time within 24 hours. Now I will tell you how to get his ATM card, what you have to do to read this post in full.

How to get JazzCash Visa Debit Card

Sometimes it is a big problem for us that we sometimes need money at night. But at the moment many shops are closed, mobile shops, jazz offices, etc., everything is closed, so we can not withdraw money from our jazz cash account. We face many difficulties with this, so to avoid this difficulty, Jazz has launched a debit card.

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With which you can easily withdraw money from any bank’s ATM machine at any time of the night or 24 hours a day. So if you need money at night anytime during the day, you can easily go to any bank ATM and withdraw money from your account using a Jazz Cash credit card.


It is essential to have a debit card in this modern age because we can face many difficulties without it. For example, we can’t keep a lot of money in our pockets. Sometimes we don’t even have a mobile phone in our hands to withdraw money through our account.

If we have a debit card, we can easily go to any corner of Pakistan and withdraw money from any bank account. So if you want to get a Jazz Cash Debit Card, read the full paragraph below so that you do not have any difficulty getting a Jazz Cash Debit Card.

Jazz Cash Debit Card.

  • Open the JazzCash app and log in to your account.
  • On the left side corner, you will see a menu circle
  • Tape on it and tape on the JazzCash Debit Card link.
  • Click on getting a JazzCash Debit Card option.
  • Enter the required details and your home address.
  • Write the right Postel code of your area post office
  • Enter your Email and Mobile phone number
  • It will charge an amount of PKR 600 for the card
  • Verify your all details and tape on the Order card button
  • Rs.600 PKR will be deducted from your JazzCash account instantly
  • You will receive JazzCash Debit Card in 2 weeks, depending on your Area.

I hope you have created a JazzCash account and also activated it by getting your JazzCash debit card. If you have a problem with anything else, you can ask me in the comments below. I will definitely answer your question.

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