How to Monetize a Blog with Adsense [Hindi]

By | 29/11/2020

i am going to tell you about the complete way to create an AdSense account. And I will tell you here how you can get your website and blog approved by Google Adsense.

if you are blogging on Blogger or you are blogging on WordPress. But you are not getting approval from AdSense So you can follow the steps given by me following the steps.

1) Your Blog Should be Old & have Traffic

If your blog is on the blogger and you are doing it by the blogger’s subdomain, then you will have to wait 6 months. It is imperative to have your blog 6 months old to get the blogger blog subdomain approved. Otherwise, you can take approval in 30 days by taking a .com, org, xyz, or any other top level domain.

If you want to take approval, then you have to write daily posts for the whole 30 days and keep them updated regularly.

2) Should have Minimum 30+ High-Quality Posts

When it is 30 days, you can send your blog for approval. If you are in a hurry, you should send it for approval after at least 15 days. And you have to have a minimum of 30+ posts.

3) Must have These Pages

You must make some pages for your website. For this, you will have made these 4 pages and if they are not made, then you can not get approval from adsense.

  1. Contact Us Page
  2. Privacy Policy Page
  3. About Us Page
  4. Disclaimer Page

If you do not know how to make privacy policy pages, then you can make them for free through the free privacy policy generator. And put it on your website.

About us page, you have to write about your website, what is it about and what is your next future.

Contact us page to make you obliged. Google definitely checks this thing, if you do not have this page on your blog, then Google will reject you.

4) Don’t Use Copied Content or Spin Content

In order to update their blog on daily basis, people steal the content of others and paste it on their site. Google is taking more action for “copied content”. If you have also done some work that you have taken copied content or published a post spin copy of yourself, then quickly remove it.

This will have a bad effect on your services and your site will not index fast any pages and posts. Apart from this, if you apply for Google Adsense, then your website will be 100% Disapproved. It may be that your website can also be given by Google panelity.

5) Don’t Use copied Image

You cannot place an image copied from someone else’s website on your website. If you do this, then may your post will not be indexed.

for that use only free Commercial use images.If you have trouble taking Thumbnails, then you can take pictures from a website that gives commercial use images for free.

6) Responsive Layout or Theme

The theme and layout of your blog should be responsive. That is, if you open your website or blog from mobile, then it is open fit on mobile. If someone opens it with pc or a tablet, it should also fit.

If the layout of your website is not responsive, then your website will also be down in the ranking and you will not get approval from the advertisement.

7) Don’t Make Downloading or Movies Website

If your website is on download or movies and pictures, then you forget Adsense. Because you are never going to get approval You can read the policy of AdSense.

8) Don’t Insert Adult Content

Google does not promote adult content in the same way, so you cannot advertise it on such a site. If you have any small adult picture on your blog, then you cannot take approval from Adsense.

To take approval, you have to create a new site on which there is no post or any content that is against the privacy policy of AdSense.

9) Supported Languages

Now if we talk about the language of AdSense, then AdSense gives approval on a few languages. More attention is focused on English content because you get worldwide traffic from it.

If you write in Urdu, Hindi, English on your blog, then you can still give approval. Here you get some such languages on which you can get approval.

10) You Should At least 18 years old

Now let’s talk ahead. If you are under age and you are under 18 years of age, then you cannot do AdSense. There are some rules of Adsense which you need to follow and validate to follow them.

11) Must Read AdSense Online Terms of Service

You should read their terms and service before applying with AdSense. Because you can get answers to your questions here.

12) Abusive experiences [Gaali Gloch]

Abusing abuses is not a good thing anyway, but if you are doing something bad about someone on your website, If you are abusing someone, you cannot take approval. If you are writing a negative post and publishing about such a product, you will not give approval at all. Because writing something about someone in Asia that would harm them is against their policy.

13) Traffic sources

You have a valid or Organic traffic on your blog. If you bring any wrong traffic, you will not get approval.

If you take paid traffic which is against the policy of AdSense then you will not get approval. If you are having organic traffic, then you can have more chances of approval.

These were some steps that you can follow to take Adsense approval on your site. If you liked this post, then you definitely write thanks in the comments.

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