How to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp

By | 19/12/2021

How to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp

How to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp

How to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp.  How to read WhatsApp messages without having access to another person’s phone) A glance at someone’s WhatsApp account can reveal a lot. If you are a parent, you can checker to see if your children are safe. Check whether they are being bullied or have gotten into contact with the wrong people. You can monitor your employees’ WhatsApp until they are caught red-handed selling company secrets if you are a business owner. Do you have connection problems?


You can track your activities on WhatsApp so that your partner cheats on you. Of course, monitoring someone’s WhatsApp is much easier than that. You should be more selective in the assistance you provide to others. Your target will not misbehave if they are aware that they are being watched.

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Alternatively, they might find a way to shake you. You’ll need a technique to keep an eye on their WhatsApp, so they don’t get suspicious. We show you how to deliver WhatsApp messages in 10 records without contacting anyone in this mini-guide. You might want to read a message without having to open a contact chat. You can always read all the posts in the notification panel, but there is another way to view messages without launching the app. Continue reading to learn more about this strategy. How to view a message without starting a chat on WhatsApp for smartphones. Step 1: Extensive press on the home screen to bring up a menu on your smartphone’s screen. Step 2: Select the widget from the drop-down menu.

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Various shortcuts:

There are various shortcuts to be found there. If you first obtain the WhatsApp shortcut, this will assist. Image (Photo courtesy of Ankita Garg/Express Images) Step 3: Numerous WhatsApp tools are available. The “4 x 1 WhatsApp” widget must be selected. Step 4: Touch and grip this widget, then drop it on one of your home screens; after adding it to your screen, press and enlarge the device. You may now view messages without having to open WhatsApp. You will also be talented to read all your old (unread) memos. Note that if you click on a conversation (widget), WhatsApp will open the chat, and the sender will know that you have recited the mails.

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Note: We used the OnePlus phone to test this. All smartphones support widgets, and here is how it works. This option will require users to delve a little further. Users with Samsung devices must first tap the WhatsApp widget and then slide right. Then tap the second slide that you’re viewing. You must now click the “Add” button. The device will then be visible on WhatsApp’s web interface: Viewing messages without opening a chat window. People who don’t wish to start a conversation can quickly read WhatsApp web messages. You must place your cursor on the chat after receiving a message on the WhatsApp site.

Floating message:

The user will then see a floating message. That way, you don’t have to open the conversation to see the latest announcements on the web version. Yet, it is indispensable to note that you can only read recent messages and not older ones. Salman Bhutto is the author of this article. If you want to read a WhatsApp message without opening it or informing the sender, there are four options. You are done. I don’t open or notify the sender when I read WhatsApp messages. As you may have observed, a blue tick shows next to the news whenever WhatsApp messages are opened, indicating that the recipient has seen or read the statement.


In most circumstances, this feature is helpful since it allows senders to confirm that their communications have been read. However, there may be situations when you do not want to notify a specific person to read their notification for various reasons. You can read WhatsApp messages without opening them or telling the sender in certain instances. To begin, go to aeroplane mode and read the news. After that, turn off the receipt reader and read the statement. Ignore the software. Use the “Blue Tick, Last Spotted Haider app” to discover where Haider was last seen. 1. Read the message while in aeroplane mode. Put your phone in aeroplane mode and read the news to read WhatsApp messages without launching the app and sending a reading receipt.

How to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp after receiving the message. Open the phone settings and turn on aeroplane mode.
  2.  Open WhatsApp on your phone after activating the aeroplane mode, and you’ll be able to read the WhatsApp message by making that blue tick.
  3.  After reading the message, turn off WhatsApp when the aeroplane mode is on.
  4. After closing the WhatsApp, you can disable aeroplane mode on your phone. However, make sure you don’t open WhatsApp on your phone unless you’re ready to reply to a message. When you open WhatsApp, you’ll see two blue dots with the message you just read offline. At the same time, this method is straightforward.


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