Mobilink Jazz (Reconnection Offer) SIM Lagao Offer 2021

By | 05/01/2021

Jazz SIM Lagao offers 2021 has come in new announcements and some free resources. There are more than 60% of people in Pakistan who are using Jazz Network and dew to the cheap packages and offers people use this network.

Many people who are looking for a jazz SIM Lago offer of 2021 new year can now enjoy free 3000 MB, 2000 minutes, and 2000 SMS by dialing *551#. This is a free offer and users will vail these free resources when he or she will activate their old SIM.

Jazz SIM Lagao offer Codes and checking methods.

Jazz has many free offers as you have no balance then you can get free Facebook and also if you want to use free Whatsapp then jazz provides you a free Call to WhatsApp offers. When you will make a call to anyone on any network then jazz will give you 25MB for free on one call. Similarly, you can get more than 500 MB per day for Whatsapp if you make more calls.

Now If you have an Old Jazz SIM and you have not used your SIM for more than 30 days then it’s time to get some benefit from it. Insert your Jazz SIM in your Mobile phone and activate it. When you will activate your Jazz SIM which was OFF or inactive for 30 days or more then you will receive Free resources such as Jazz will give you free 3000 MB, 2000 minutes, and 2000 SMS for the last 30 days.

How to activate Jazz Reconnection offer 2021?

  • Insert old Jazz SIM in mobile phone
  • Activate it
  • Dial *551# from Your SIM
  • You will receive free resources.
  • To check offer dial *551*2#
  • for the status of the offer dial *551*3#.

When you will get free resources free minutes, free SMS, and free MB then you can use it for 30 days. Here are many other offers that are waiting for you and you can activate them by using the below-given codes. these codes and offers are announced by Jazz. you can get more free MB, Minutes, and SMS without paying any fees. We know that you will ask that which ate the codes that will provide you free resources.

Dial *5555# to get a Jazz free GIFT offer. Jazz has introduces this free gift offer for its new and old customers. this offer is free and you can activate it by dialing *5555# > press 1 and sent. This offer will work on some SIMS mostly those users will be able who have not to do any Easyload.

Here is another method to get Free MB from an old Jazz SIM. Jazz SIM Lagao offers jas give us some free MBs but here we will get more extra MBs. Jaz has an App which called JazzWorld and it is the most downloading app in Pakistan from Playstore. more than 60 million people use this app monthly and they have currently 61 Million active users on this app.

What this app will give us?

This app can give us more benefits. You can activate your Internet packages, SMS packages, and Call packages without dialing and activation code. Now I will tell you a new method which will give you free MBs from this app. at this time there are many people who are using this app and they are rewarding daily MB for free.

Download the JazzWorld app from the play store. You can search this word on Play Store and download and install it on your android or iPhone. when the downloading will be completed and it will be installed on your phone you have to make a new account on your jazz SIM.

Enter your Jaz number and you will receive an SMS from JazzWorld with a PIN. Enter the pin and activate your account. for the first time, you will get a free 500MB for 3 Days and after it, you will get a daily free reward. To claim the reward you have to open this app regularly. Just click on the reward button and claim your free MBs.

You can get daily free MB from 25MB to 200 MB per day. once you have got free MB you cannot claim it again on that day. the first day you will get 25MB and the next day you will get 50MB. on another day you will get 75MB similar you will get free MBs for 7 days. on the 7th day, you will get 200MB.

So, friends, With the Jazz SIM Lagao offer you will get 500MB from JazzWorld, 3000MB from SIM Lagoa offer by dialing *551# and 2000MB will get by dialing *5555#. You will get a total of 5500MB for 30 days.

Get daily 50 Minutes, SMS and MB

When you will get SIM Lagao to offer you have a new opportunity. Whenever you will do a load or use Rs.10 PKR or more Jazz will give you daily free 50Minutes, 50 SMS, and 50MB for one day. Free MB, minutes, and MB will post after using the Rs.10 rupees. you can use these free MB and Minutes from 1am to 9pm and SMS can be used for 24 hours.

Free MBs can be consumed on 2G/3G and 4G. Free Minutes and MBs will not work from 6PM to 9PM. Those users will able to get this offer who have never use their SIM for more than 30 days. All Prepaid and 4G SIM users can get this offer. Call setup charges Rs.0.15 will be charged on every call. Free 50 minutes, SMS, and MB will post daily. To check the offer eligibility dial *553*2#. This is a limited-time offer. This offer subject can be changed anytime. Free Gift offer will work on some of the jazz SIMS.

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