Mobilink Jazz SIM Advance Balance Two Times Introduced

By | 22/12/2020

Pakistan’s popular network Jazz is always striving to provide better service and better packages to its customers. Similarly, Jazz offered its customers a double advance balance in the days of Corona. Now you can get the advance balance on your Jazz SIM not once but twice. Sometimes we run out of balance and sometimes we need a balance.

With the advanced balance taken you can use call SMS and internet on any network. You can apply a call package for any network if you want, you can call or SMS on any network.

Service NameActivation CodeService Charges
Jazz Advance Balance*112#Rs.3 +Tax

But due to a lack of balance, we are not able to make calls or SMS anywhere. So to deal with such problems, Jazz has decided to give its customers an advance balance twice. Once you have taken an advance on your Jazz SIM, you can recapture the advance balance by dialing *112 #.

When you get a balance in your SIM, the balance given to you will be deducted and the source charges are Rs. 3 some money. If you have taken Advance Balance twice, you cannot avail of this offer again.

Jazz Advance Balance Code:

Jazz Advance Balance Code: *112 #. These advance Service charges are Rs. 3+tax. Easy load or balance will be deducted automatically on recharge. Due to the Covid-19, Jazz has given its customers the opportunity to get an advance balance twice. Jazz has decided that customers who have taken an advance once can take an advance balance a second time.

If you have taken an advance balance twice on your Jazz SIM, you cannot take an advance on Jazz for the third time. For this, you have to first return the advance balance which you can do by recharging the balance.

Jazz has become the heart of every person in Pakistan at this time. Anyone who has a mobile phone must have a Jazz SIM on their mobile phone. At present, more than 65% of people in Pakistan use Jazz because its packages are very cheap.

Because every Pakistani person has a jazz SIM, that is why the caller, whether he is a woman or a man, whether he is a businessman or a housemaid, packs a jazz call on his SIM and calls others. Due to this, it is used more and every person using Jazz SIM can talk long and easy. If you want to get free SMS you can get it for free by using the Jazz app. Jazz is providing also loans to its JazzCash customers and you can check the loan method here. I hope you will take the loan two times in your trouble and problem during low balance.

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