Multan Mobile Markets, Clothes & Shoes Market, and Furniture Shops

By | 28/02/2021

Multan, the oldest city in Pakistan, which is still in its place today after hundreds of years due to the saints, here I will give you a complete guide about the big markets. If you are visiting Multan, you should know exactly where to go to buy clothes, what are the good markets to buy shoes, what are the best places to eat and also furniture. Etc. Which are the best places to buy.

Best Markets to buy Mobile Phones in Multan

If you are looking for a good market address to buy a mobile phone in Multan, then you have come to the right place. Here I will give you information about mobile markets in Multan from where you can buy mobile phones.

1) Rehma Center Multan Near Ketchehri Chowk

It is the biggest mobile phone market where you can buy and sell mobile phones in Multan. It is located near Katchari Chowk, Multan. It has three stories in which there are 120+ Mobile shops. If you are looking for the biggest mobile market in Multan then it is the best market. To buy mobile spare parts this is a wholesale market. You can buy Mobile phone spare parts at cheap prices and also can buy new and old mobiles.

On the second floor, there are repairing Shops where you can repair your mobile phones and also if your mobile phone has a software problem then you can easily repair your mobile phone from here. Famous shops for wholesale spare parts are “Baba Fareed Traders” and second is “Usman Traders”.

2) Mall Plaza Multan Mobile Shops

It is the biggest mobile shop in Multan which is located in Cantt, Multan. In this market, there are 100+ Mobile shops and software shops. The visitor also can buy and sell old and new mobile phones.

In this market, there is also the wholesale point where visitors can buy mobile phone spare parts such as LCD, IC, Casings, Panels, and much more. There are more than 20 repairing shops and software shops.

3) Hamid Commercial Centre Mumtazabad Multan

Hamid commercial center is mostly famous as the name of Mumtazabad mobile Market and there are more than 100 Mobile shops. Apart from mobile phones, there is also a computer market in this market from where you can buy and sell computers, repair computers and there are also shops for repairing mobile phones.

At Hamid Commercial Center you can buy a cheap mobile phone and if you want to sell your mobile you can easily sell it too. There are also spare parts for mobiles and computers that you can buy at wholesale prices.

Cloths, Shoes Malls, and Market in Multan

Speaking of clothes, you can buy any kind of clothes in all varieties from Hussain Agahi and Haram Gate in Multan. If you are a shopkeeper, you can buy all kinds of clothes at wholesale price with Hussain Agahi. There is a canteen in the center of Multan from where you can easily buy clothes, shoes and other necessities.

Furniture Shops in Multan

In Multan, if you are looking for a furniture market then Timber market is here near the Double Phatak, Multan. If came from Double Phatak or Cantt then it is five kilometers away you can come to Timber Market which is located on the east side. You can buy all types of furniture such as Chairs, Bads, Tables and dressing tables, etc.

If you need more information about any other product then u can comment below we will update the post here.

Bikes Market in Multan

Gujjar Khada is the best bike market in Multan. Here are more than 50+ shops where you can buy and sell bikes. It is located near Cantt, east side. If you will go to the east side road then it will go on the Hussain Agahi. In Multan, there is a flyover from Kant which takes you to Nawaz Sharif University and Nagshah Chowk.

If you want to buy vegetables or anything else like clothes, shoes, fruit, and much more then there is a huge market at Double Gate Square just below the flyover. It is only one kilometer from Kant. Its eastbound lane leads to Chowk Shah Abbas and New Multan.

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