Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to give Rs 12,000 to the poor people

By | 22/12/2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to give Rs 12,000 to the poor in the days of Corona. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a decision to give 12,000 per family to people who have lost their jobs due to coronation, or who are unemployed, under the Ehsas program.

It is to be noted that Corona had learned to lock down the country due to the growing disease, due to which the people who were buying fresh bread and a large number of laborers were left stranded in this situation. If you have not yet taken money from this program, I will give you the complete information today.

How to get money from Ehsas program

First of all, you have to check if your name is in the Ehsas program. If you sent your ID card number 8171 in the days of Coronavirus but you didn’t get any response and even if you did, it would have said that you are not eligible for this program, then this offer is running again.

All the people who had withdrawn money from this program in the last few days have got the money again and they can go to the ATM of HBL Bank and withdraw their money by entering their CNIC card number.

This program was repeated in December 2020 and all the poor people benefited from this program. If you also belong to a poor family but you have not yet received the aid money or you are not eligible for it, you can go to your union councilor’s office and register there.

After that, whenever a new program comes, your name will definitely be in it. To check your name, just click on the link below and enter your CNIC card number there. Write the given words in the blank box and then submit.
If you are eligible for this program, it will be written there. If not here’s a new product just for you!

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