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By | 08/12/2020

Disable Comments links on Blogger: People and bloggers come from bloggers so much that all the links in comments on our website go to thieves. But now we do not know that where someone has given the link. Afterwards, people keep comments on automatic approval from the point where this is not right.

Stop Spamming comments on Blogger

If you are also a blogger and are fed up with these spammers, then you should not bother anymore. I am going to give you some such tips, so that if anyone leaves any link in the comments on your site, then it will not show there. That link will either not be a show or if it will be a show, it will be a show in the form of text.

Stop Spamming comments on Blogger

First of all, you have to go to your blogger’s dashboard and on that, you have to edit the theme. If you do not even know how to edit a theme, then click on the themed option. And there you will have to edit the ad hoc show, you have to click there.

Now you have to keep one thing in mind that while editing the theme, do not do any unnecessary changing Nor to remove or change any word or coding. I will give you a code, pick up your code and paste it where you are

Code for Stop Comment links in Blogger

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard and click on Theme
  • Click on EDIT HTML and you will be redirected to Theme Editing mode
  • Now find the “</head>” by pressing the CTRL+F
  • Paste the below-given code above </head>

Click Here to get the Code

When you will place this code above the </head> then again press CTRL+F and find the </body> code in the theme. when you will find it then copy the below-given script and paste above the </body>.

Get Body Code Here

From this method, you can disable hyperlinks in comments on the blogger blog. Now when someone will post a comment on your site with a link it will never show as the link and no one will be able to click on it.

Remove the link only Text will not be Removed

There is another method which is the same above method but there is little changing. If the above-given method did not work then you can try this method.

Again search the </head> and paste this code there.

Click Here to get the Code

Now find the </body> by pressing CTRL+F and place the below-given code above it.

Click here to get the Code

So, friends, you have to do more than just do these settings. If you do not understand these settings, then you can ask me a complete way in the comments. I keep sharing daily blogger, WordPress, and a lot more here. Therefore, you should come here regularly so that you can get complete knowledge.

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