Understand ad revenue analytics

By | 26/11/2021

Understand ad revenue analytics

Understand ad revenue analytics

Understand ad revenue analytics. You can check your YouTube proceeds and channel performance with Metrics in YouTube Analytics. Some metrics may look similar, but their differences are essential for understanding your YouTube ad revenue.

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Revenue per mail (RPM) is a metric that shows how much you earn per 1,000 video views. RPM is based on multiple sources of revenue, including ads, channel subscriptions, YouTube premium revenue, super chat, and super stickers.

Watch and learn about RPM.

To learn more about RPM, watch the following video from the YouTube Creators channel.


Cost per 1,000 imitations (CPM) is a metric that represents how abundant advertisers are spending on displaying ads on YouTube. You’ll see some different CPM metrics in YouTube Analytics:

CPM: The cost that a publicist pays for 1,000 ad impressions. An ad impression is counted whenever an ad is shown.

CPM based on playback: The cost that an advertiser pays for 1,000 video playbacks where an ad is displayed.

Estimated Revenue vs Advertising Revenue


Estimated revenue: Revenue from all income types, including channel subscriptions, YouTube premium revenue, and super chat. You will see this metric on the Revenue tab.

Estimated Ad Revenue: Only advertising revenue on your videos. You will see this metric in the income sources report.

Views, ad impressions, and estimated monetized playbacks

Thoughts: The number of times your video has been viewed.


Ad impressions:

The number of times personal ads were viewed on your videos.

Estimated Monetized Playback: The number of times your video was viewed with ads.

If your video is viewed ten times, and 8 of those views contain ads, you will have ten pictures and eight estimated monetized playbacks. If one of these estimated monetized playbacks had two ads, you would have nine ad impressions.

Not all views on YouTube include advertising. For example, a scene cannot be advertised if:

The video does not suit the advertiser.

Therefore, advertising or individual ad formats are off for this video.


There are no ads available to show this specific audience. Advertisers can choose to target specific devices, populations and interests. Your audience may not be able to match this target. Learn more about the targeting methods available for video ads.

Understand ad revenue analytics

A range of other factors, including audience geography, how many ads they’ve seen recently, whether they have a premium subscription, etc.

Because of these different views, you will get more ideas than expected monetized playbacks.

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