How to Setup Domain With Blogger Using Cloudflare CDN

By | 03/11/2020

Cloudflare is a Best Security and CDN Network that is perfect for any website security, Speed and many other Premium Options. Many Bloggers don’t know that how to Use Cloudflare CDN on Blogger and Can increase there Website Security and Speed.

Today, I am going to share with you the complete method of Cloudflare installing on Blogger sites. It is very easy to set up any domain with Blogger using Cloudflare. There are many benefits to use Cloudflare.

When I started my new blog on Blogger and after good and very hard work on it, when I started to rank on search engines, then I came across a lot of people who dislike someone’s progress and success. When my blog was on Blogger and when my blog was ranked one and a half years later, my competitors used many ways to harm me.

It was a very difficult time for me as well as a happy one. My enemies would come to my website and then spam me there. The bounce rate of my blog was getting very high due to which my blog and ranking was going down. My blog was on Blogger and I didn’t have complete control over it so I couldn’t stop the bad guys from coming to my blog. Finally, I decided to transfer my blog to WordPress. But all of a sudden I saw a YouTube video about Cloudflare and then I used it on my blog and now I can easily block anyone’s IP and stop the bot from coming to my site.

Benefits of Cloudflare

  • Cloudflare Increase your website speed
  • If your website server is slow then it will copy your website and will send to every country server then every visitor will get access to your website from his country server. From it, This will reduce the load on your site’s server.
  • You can block IP of spammy Visitors and Bots to access your site.
  • While Merging to other hosting or WordPress it will help you to keep a live website.
  • You can compress Pictures from this CDN.
  • If you have many websites then can control or manage all website on one platform “Cloudflare”
  • Also, you can get many Other benefits from it.

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Set up Domain With Blogger Using Cloudflare CDN

If You have not set up your domain with blogger using Cloudflare CDN Network and you want to setup then follow me. There are two options to setup Cloudflare with Blogger.

  1. If You have already a Website on Blogger or you want to use Cloudflare on it.
  2. If You have purchased your new domain and You want to set up it with blogger.

Setup with Old website on blogger

If you have a blogger site and there you have not to control on Your hosting then will prefer you to use Cloudflare on your blogger site. because Cloudflare will give full control of your blog security and speed. In blogger, You cannot Block IP or Users but if you will use Cloudflare CDN Network then Your can Block Spammy Users IP and also You can block bad Bots.

  • Create a Cloudflare account and Verify Email
  • Now add Your website by clicking on Add new site
  • It will automatic add your hosting CNames and
  • Now, It will show Nameservers to set up on your domain
  • Go to Your Domain Control panel and Change Nameservers
  • Change Old Nameservers to Cloudflare Nameservers
  • Now, Save settings and Verify.

  • If, DNS Servers not Updating then Wait for few Minutes or Hours because it can take 24 hours.
  • After Verifications, you can enjoy Cloudflare and control Your Security and Speed.

Setup to a New Domain Name with Cloudflare to Blogger

  • Create a new Cloudflare account
  • Verify Email and Now add your Website
  • After Adding Your website to Cloudflare it will ask you to add CNAMES or DNS Settings
  • Now, Go to Your Blogger Dashboard and add a New Domain Name.
  • After adding a custom domain to blogger it will show Cname Records.
  • Enter Blogger CNAME Record and Google Blogger Host IP on Cloudflare
  • Now Submit site and if Your website Nameservers, not updates then wait for 1 Hour to 24 Hours to changing it.
  • After Updating nameservers or DNS Settings Your site will be protected by Cloudflare.

If you have any problem regarding this then you can ask I comments. We will make a new post about Cloudflare Complete settings with screenshots to help bloggers to make site fast and secure. If You have successfully installed Cloudflare then You can now block visitors IP, Locations and Stop Bots to coming on Your site.

I Hope My This Post will help You to secure your blogger site.

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