What is the salary of a Pakistani worker?

By | 26/02/2021

The salary of a laborer in Pakistan is only Rs. 800 per day. Which is twenty thousand rupees a month. If we talk about the salary fixed by the government here, then the salary of a worker who works for only eight hours should be at least eight hundred rupees. But due to the growing poverty in Pakistan, people are earning even five hundred rupees.

Salaries of Workers in Pakistan 2021

There are many types of wages, such as if a person works in a furniture store and makes furniture there, it also becomes wages. In addition to this welding work also includes labor, painting work, moving bricks from one place to another to build a house, mixing cement sand, carrying clay to the roof, and so on. In addition, there are thousands of jobs that are difficult, but they come to work.

What is the salary of a Furniture maker in Pakistan?

A furniture maker who works only ten hours a day earns seven hundred rupees a day. Because he does such work more slowly, he works happily on his salary to ease his problem. There are many shops where people take full care of their workers and pay for their food and drink and pay a salary of one thousand rupees.

If a furniture maker spends overtime and does his work with more speed, he can easily earn 1500 to 2000 Pakistani rupees on a daily basis in thirteen to fourteen hours.

Furniture Helper Salaries

Furniture work also requires a helper with a craftsman who does small chores and helps his seniors. The salary of a helper in a business in Pakistan is at least five hundred rupees a day. If a laborer spends his time on this work from eight o’clock in the morning to eight o’clock at night, then he gets five hundred rupees a day.

If we talk about the helpers who make furniture, these people will clean their boss’s shop, set up the goods, open the shop or workshop on time, and if the craftsman needs something. They provide it immediately.

Welding Worker Salary in Pakistan

In welding work, the salary of the artisan is the same. In addition, if we talk about any other work, then every work that is done on a salary is paid from twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand per month. Now if we talk about welding work then the salary and time of the helpers are some different then furniture worker.

Because it’s a bit of a hard job, you get some good money for it. Welding also involves a variety of tasks. Such as making iron doors, windows, frames, and also iron furniture, and other items of iron. Since this work requires a lot of eye protection, these people do their work from morning to evening and easily earn a daily wage of Rs. 1000 PKR Here, and Hepler’s salary is five hundred rupees.

Salary of factory workers in Pakistan

We will now examine the salaries of those who work in the factory. There are other types of factories such as biscuit-making factories, textile-making factories, plastic-making factory and also thousands of working factories. Here the salary is given in terms of work. If the work is very difficult, then the salary of an individual is at least 3000 rupees.

If we talk about a person working in a biscuit factory, the person who works in the kitchen has a minimum salary of 30,000 Pakistani rupees and his working hours are only eight hours. Which can be night or day. Similarly, if we talk about the biscuit packer, this task is very easy. Most women are used to doing this work. And their salary is from fifteen thousand rupees to twenty thousand Pakistani rupees.

Senior Officers Salary

If we talk about senior officers, their salary starts from at least Rs. 40,000 and goes up to Rs 80,000 Pakistani. Because these officers have a huge responsibility, their salaries are very high and their working hours are short.

So, in the end, we come to the conclusion that the salary of a person belonging to a small and poor class is Rs. 20,000, the salary of a person working above it is Rs.30,000. The salary of the officers is 40,000 Pakistani rupees. Which is a normal thing.

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