Mobile Phone Warranty Claim Problem in Pakistan

By | 27/01/2021

There was a time when sustainable, strong, and long-lasting mobile sets were introduced in Pakistan. This was the time when mobile hand-in-hand was considered part of status as mobile sets were too expensive and far from the reach of the public. But then time took credit and then new mobile set companies came to Pakistan who started introducing modern and cheap mobiles. Their highlight was that the features, such as touch mobile, radio, torch, more than one SIM installer, were available simultaneously.

Then they were more visible within the market at an awfully cheap price. Then he was treated by the people the identical way that the Pakistani people treat every new technology that’s coming. Mobile sets were so common that now the donkey came from the car man to a fakir. The people’s hands came to mobile as if the people had the facility to travel. observe what someone on mobile will see engaged in rebuke.

If a path is seen walking on mobile, someone will be seen driving through the ears, or hand-free, going beyond that you will see someone taking Salafis from a mobile somewhere you are going to be able to do text messages on mobile. Time changed everything as if it were. People who used to visit each other’s home from a distance to meet now save time by talking on mobile. People connected to asanas have also gone away from the homes happens. The child sitting at the breakfast table is watching his father enjoying breakfast as well as mobile. Children in school like to use mobile rather than studying. We have no time to sit and talk to each other face to face.

The trend of reading writing wasn’t before, and mobile sat out the identical fraction and introduced a language that doesn’t know why the name Roman Urdu was given. The practice of writing a letter ended and so anticipating a response. Everything is over. First, the clock was over, then the radio was finished, then the torch was over and now the cameras are disappearing from the market.

Value of Customers and Sales in Mobile Companies

Today, if a company is truly doing business in Pakistan, they are the mobile companies whose advertising looks like the biggest problem in Pakistan is mobile. But the sad thing is that mobile customers have increased in calculus. The same has made a difference between the mobile set and their quality.

People prefer to sell a set one year in warranty before the warranty ends. This may not give them a good price but gets a new mobile. The use and throw policy has also changed the psychological trend of the Pakistani people. That is why people forget or leave using rather than befriend each other.

I personally not only like things to them when buying mobiles but always keep a watch on sustainability and robustness. It was the thought that Nokia had bought a mobile set that probably did not have all the features that could be considered a good mobile identity, but in the past days, the mobile was also cheated after 6 months. I took out a mobile warranty card and went to the customer care center Gulshan Iqbal branch. They found out that it had been closed for a while and now they had only one office.

Which is found on Abdallah Haroon Road. it had been not appropriate to create mistakes again once you made a slip-up. So first by searching google’s map to form sure did not found the fault. But when he got there, it had been found that the office had shifted to The Ama Tower, Fatima Jinnah Road, a touch aloof from here. after I arrived a bit later, I came to understand that I had a stimulating feature on my mobile which I had not been alert to before which he also speaks mobile. The damaged mobile said it had water. The technician earlier told him that it had dropped somewhere as soon as he saw the set.

Therefore, a warranty claim cannot be made. I was not the only person to return to The Land, but before that, many of the gentlemen had been fighting before me. It has not happened for the first time but I have also been with other mobile companies previous to me many times. It is one thing to give a warranty and another thing to carry out. The only purpose of the event is to tell

That my seat was cheap. I’ll fix it, but mobile set companies should see that they’re returning people with both hands. If they spend a bit of money on customers rather than ads, they may never visit someone who once became a customer and if you don’t must do the warranty, please don’t run people out like this. Mispublishing all addresses and numbers on the warranty card given with mobile means how serious you’re with customers. Today I’ve got placed before you the mobile feature that you simply are going to be attentive to when your mobile is going to be corrupted within the warranty. it’s a proven fact that when the amount increases, the difference in quality is created. And anyway we are convinced of the amount, not of quality.

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