Top 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Blogging

By | 01/01/2021

Google Chrome Extensions for Blogging: Blogger is an online content management system (CMS) and it is used for sharing articles, stories, information. Knowledge and much more. Now in these days blogging is becoming more and more popular. Everyone wants to work online and make money. There is a complete guide for starters who want to learn To blog and start online earning.

If you are a blogger or you are doing blogging in any language or on any niche then You should, must have some Google Chrome Extensions. There are some extensions for bloggers that help you find keywords, checking Backlinks, Checking Domain Authority, or Alexa Ranking, and Finding the best keyword for your blog.

Today I am going to share with you some chrome extensions which I use in my blogging. So, use them and make your work easy.

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Blogging

1) Grammarly

While typing a quick post in our blog we do many mistakes and many times we don’t read the post and publish it immediately. While this shortcut time we leave correct the sentences and words in our paragraph or post. So, to write correct word and sentences I use Grammarly.

When You will Install Grammarly Extension in your Google Chrome browser then while typing the post if there is any mistake or you miss any word in sentence it will show you and automatically it will set it. So, always use Grammarly to write posts.

Click here to Install Grammarly

2) AdBlocker

Sometimes, We visit many websites and there we don’t know which type of ads showed. There are many websites where they show pop-up ads and many times on some websites we show adult ads. So, to stop these types of ads you should use this Extension. It will keep safe your browser and your Data.

Ad Blocker Extension for Chrome

3) Mozbar

I think 70% or more bloggers know about this tool. When you visit any website then it has a domain authority that tells us about website strength and its spamming scores. Actual this extension help to blogger to finding a good website where they can make backlinks. If you are making backlinks for your website and you have not installed this extension then do it immediately because from this extension you can know any website DA, PA and Spamming Scores, and also you can get complete Backlinks of a website by using their premium version.

Install Mozbar Extension

4) VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Everyone knows about VPN and also knows its use. To open a blocked website in our country we use VPN. In the blogging field, you may have to visit a lot of websites and many websites, and they can be blocked in your country. So to unblock websites you can use VPN chrome extensions like an Express VPN, Zen mate VPN Extension, and any that you feel better.

While visiting many websites we don’t know which website is using trackers or which not. To keep safe our IP we must use a VPN. It will keep our IP address safe and will not show anymore on any website.

5) PageSpeed Insight and CheckList

PageSpeed Insight helps us to check website speed. It is most important to check our website speed because if our website or blog is taking a long time while loading then visitors will go back and your website can be hit by Google.

It is a very shortcut way to check every website load speed. Just install this Extension and activate this. Now, when You will visit any website it will automatically detect and record website loading speed and you will not need to go on other websites again and again to check your site speed.

Install PageSpeed Insight

6) WhatRuns

WhatRuns can help you find the technology which a website uses. For example, if you have visited a website and you liked this website theme but you want to know which theme is installed on this website then you can use this extension. Also, if You want to check that what is running on a website for Ex: You want to know that is this website on WordPress or any other software then it can help you find it easily.

After installation, you have to visit any website and then click on the extension icon. It will show website installed software, themes, and plugins, and also it will help you find Fonts, Ads, and much more.

Install WhatRuns Extension

7) Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is the best extension to help you check the rank in all world. You can check the ranking of any website in a shortcut way.

Install Alexa Extension

8) IP Address and Domain Information

This Extension is mostly installed on Website designers. From this, you can check any website IP Address, WHOIS record, DNS, Website ranking, and much more. This extension will help you find the hosting company of any website.

Install This Extension for Chrome

9) Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere will help you find a keyword for your website. When You will search on Google it will show all related keyword and their competition. If you are looking for Long tail keyword then you have to buy some credits to use this feature.

Install it Extension

10) SEO Minion

To check the On Page SEO this extension must should be installed on Your Chrome Browser. You can check On Page SEO with just one click. You can preview your website by keyword in (SERP) Google or any search engine, also from this extension you can test all links on your website which are broken or redirected.

Install SEO Minion Extension

Finally, friends, How did you like this post? Tell me in the comments below and if you have any problems with blogging. You can get help from our staff for free. We have shown you this extension only for education purposes.

Disclaimer: We have posted this chrome just for educational purposes, not for other illegal purposes. So, please don’t use these extensions for illegal purposes. we will not responsible if you will get in any problem.

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