Convert Your Favorite Android Apps into Chrome Apps

By | 22/05/2021

Convert Your Favorite Android Apps into Chrome Apps copy

Convert Your Favorite Android Apps into Chrome Apps

Convert Your Favorite Android Apps into Chrome Apps. With the AR 7 Framework advent, many Mobile apps may now run in the Chrome web browser. However, some changes must be done before existing Android APK files may be installed on Chrome, so the process is not as straightforward as putting the Android app into a directory.

But developer Brandon Pierce wants to make the transition from Android to Chrome as much as possible. So their new app, the Chrome App Package, allows you to choose apps already installed on your Android smartphone and convert them to Chrome-compatible files with a single click.

The app doesn’t need root or any special permissions so that anyone can join in the fun.

Windows / Linux: The latest 64-bit version of Chrome

Mac OS X: The latest version of Chrome Canary

AR Seven Runtime installed

Unknown sources are working on your Android device

Step 1 Install the Chrome App Package update

The Chrome App Packager was removed from the link below because it had access to the Play Store, then removed for name rights. It’s now available as an AR Phone Packer on the Google Play Store.

Grab and install the app, then go to Step 2.

The Pierce app doesn’t run on the Google Play Store yet, so you’ll need to download it separately. From your Android device, go to this link to grab the installer file.

Click OK on any file type warning message that appears, then tap Download Full Notification to get started.

Click Install on the next screen, and when it’s finished, tap Open.

Step 2 Convert Android apps to Chrome app.

Chrome App Packager has a straightforward interface. It displays a list of all apps installed by your user, and all you have to do is select what you want to change.

Next, tap the Generate Chrome app button at the bottom of the screen, then wait a few seconds after the app’s magic works. When it’s finished, it’ll have a toast message printed on it.

Followed by another toast message informing you about the storage of the new file.

The Chrome Sync version of this app can be found in a folder called ChromeAPKS on your device’s internal storage. Just copy this file to your computer, then upload it to Chrome using the steps outlined in this tutorial.

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Not all apps will work perfectly on Chrome, as some require specific hardware, and there are few software libraries on your computer. So which apps have you successfully ported to Chrome? Let’s find out in the comments section below, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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