Zong Latest Internet Packages 2021 Updated

By | 21/03/2021

Zong Internet packages 2021 are mostly searched keywords on the internet. Here I will show some internet packages for daily, weekly, Monthly and 3 Days. Zong’s internet packages are very cheap and everyone will choose Zong to run the internet regardless of whether they use a SIM of any network. Today I am going to give you information about all the internet packages of Zong.

Zong Internet Packages 2021 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Zong has many internet packages and mostly used package is the DayTime Offer which called DTO. With this bundle, users can get free 1200MB for 1 Day which can be subscribed by dialing *47# in Rs.16 PKR. Here are many other packages and all the packages are given below.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

PackagesPriceResourcesActivation CodeValidity
Daily Basic PackagePKR. 17100MB*6464#1 Day
Daily Data MaxPKR. 38500MB + 500MB YouTube*6464#1 Day
Daily DayTime OfferPKR. 161200MB*47#1 Day
(4 am-7pm)
Daily youth OfferPKR. 162.5GB*6464#1 Day
(1 am-9 am)
Social PackPKR. 10100MB*6464#1 Day
Classified PackPKR. 550MB*6464#1 Day
Daily Facebook OfferPKR. 5500MB*6464#1 Day

Zong Daily Basic Package

With this package, all Zong prepaid users can get a free 100MB for 1 day at the cheap price of Rs.17PKR. This package can be used at midnight of the package activation. To activate Zong Daily Basic offer dial *6464# or use my Zong App. You can activate this bundle through the My Zong App. This bundle automatically renewed daily and you will need to deactivate this bundle by dialing *47# and then press 2. Its internet speed goes up to 2Mbps by the area. If you will start downloading the content at more than 2Mbps speed then your bundle will be ended in only an hour.

Daily Data Max

Daily Data Max offer can be used from 1am to 9am daily in this offer all Zong customers can get 500MB for Youtube and 500MB of data for surf the internet. This offer can be used on all Zong SIMS. To activate this offer simply dial *6464#.

Zong Daily Daytime Offer

This package is mostly used in Pakistan because of its Time and More data. This package gives 1200MB for 1 Day which can be subscribed in Rs.16 PKR and users can get this offer by dialing *47#. This offer can be used from 4am to 7pm.

Daily youth Offer

All those customers who wants to use internet for downloading’s purpose then this package suite with them. because in this package users can get free 2.5GB in Rs.16 PKR. These MBs can be used from 1am to 9am. To activate this offer dial *6464# or use My Zong App.

Zong Weekly internet offers

1) Zong Mega weekly offer

Zong has many weekly internets offers such as zong introduced weekly mega plus offer which is available at the cheap price of Rs 220 PKR. in this package all Zong prepaid customers can get free 7000MBs for 7 days. This package is available for all Zong customers on all packages. To activate this offer simply dial *220#.

This offer can be subscribed to on my Zong app and if you have the Easypaisa app and you want to activate this bundle then you can also use the Easypaisa app. You will need Rs.220 PKR in your Easypaisa account to activate this offer. If you want to check the remaining Mbs then dial *102*4#.

2) Zong Mega Plus Weekly Offer

This offer the same as the above offer but its price and data limit is different. there are many people who want to get more data for one week and they don’t know that how to get more data bundles on Zong SIM. here is a Zong Mega Data Weekly Plus offer which can provide to all Zong users 30GB data in which 15GB for youtube and 15Gb for all internet. This offer can be subscribed to Rs.300 PKR and also available on the Easypaisa app.

To activate this offer user will need the load of Rs.280 PKR and recharge of Rs.300 PKR. after this dial *20# and activate this amazing offer. To check the remaining mbs dial *102# and use my zong app.

3) Weekly TikTok Offer

in this offer, users can get 2GB of data for the TikTok app. TikTok is the most used app in Pakistan and after Facebook, TikTok is the second major app in Pakistan which is mostly used in Pakistan. people do the full internet package to use this app but now Zong has launched this app offers in which users can get 2GB data for one week at the cheapest price of Rs. 37+tax PKR. if you want to activate this offer dial *606# or you can use the My Zong app and Easypaisa app.

Zong Monthly Data offer

In monthly prepaid internet offers Zong always came first from all telecom networks. So here are some internet offers for all Zong Prepaid customers. Users can find monthly internet offers from the My Zong App and also can activate these all offers from the Easypaisa app.

Here are some monthly net packages for Zong which details are given below.

In Zong monthly internet offers there are two types of packages in which users have own choose what kind of package he/she wants to activate. The difference between these packages is only Data limits and prices. Validity is the same for 30 days.

Zong Monthly Premium Internet Package

Package NameMonthly Premium 600 Offer
PriceRs 600
Resources15 GB Data (including 5 GB 1 AM to 9 AM)
Activation Code*6464#
Validity30 Days

All the packages are available on the Zong app and Easypaisa app. To check the remaining Mbs users can dial *102*4#. These all packages are without taxes and recharge amount. Rs.25 will be charged on the recharge of Rs.100.

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