How to add Custom Domain on Blogger

By | 29/11/2020

Creating a blog on Blogger is not a difficult task but those who are completely new takes some time to learn blogging. Now if you have created a blog for free blogger foot, and you are also working on that blog. But if you want to have a good domain name of your own, then for this you also need a guide.

Now first, I will ask you to get the domain name which you can get from GoDaddy, Hostinger, and also from such domain providers.

If you take the domain name on GoDaddy, then you also get good support there. But if you have to take the domain for a little lower price than you can take the extension with seas, which you will get up to Rs.200 Pakistani juice.

Now you have been asked that we can take approval on domains with .ooo and .XYZ domains. You can take approval completely. Just now if you have taken the domain, then it is ok otherwise you go to and sign up and get the domain for a lower price.

Add Custom Domain In Blogger

Go to Blogger’s Dashboard and click on Settings there. When you click on Settings, you will see the option of Custom Domain, which you can see in the screenshot.

When you click here, you will have to write your domain name which you want to connect with your blog.

This is how to add this domain name “”. When you write this and click on save, you will be shown some options in red color. You have to copy them and paste them in the Duns Settings of your domain.

Add New CNAME Record as given in blogger settings. You will get the CNAME record difference and someone gets the of different types of records. Only the one who is above this is evening and the second record is a complete change.

Save them by going to your domain settings. Now comes the second turn of (host) point settings. Now we have to write the address of its host and paste it in the domain settings as seen in the picture.

Blogger A (Host) Server Address


Now save them and save them by going to blogger settings. Your domain will be linked. If your domain is not connected, then you wait 1 hour or more time and then connect it, it will be connected..

If you have any issue in adding domain with Blogger, then I will guide you as much as possible in the comments below.

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