Bank Al-Falah Voucher Codes 2021

By | 19/02/2021

Bank Al-Falah is offering special offers for its app customers. AL-Falah has introduced an app for mobile users who can make an alfa account at home from their mobile phones. Creating an alfa account is not a difficult task. For this, the user must have his / her personal identity card, place of birth, and other information such as mother, father, birthday, and mobile number

With an Alfa account, you can receive money from anywhere and if you need to send money anywhere you can easily send money through it. This is a small microfinance bank. This allows the user to easily buy and sell online.

Now we will talk about some of its free offers. Every company must give the user some interest in creating a new account in the beginning. Similarly, by creating an Alfa account, it gives you a free mobile balance, cash, and many other discounts. Now, here are some alfa account promo and voucher codes.

Alfa Promo Codes, Voucher Codes and Discount Offers

By using promo code “Bill” users will get up to Rs.200 PKR discount if he/she uses app and pay any bill. This promo is working right know. Some of other promo codes are here which are working now and you can use them before creating an new Alfa account.

Jazz Users Alfa Promo Code

This Promo code is for just Jazz Users. If you have a Jazz SIM and you are making an alfa account on your Jazz SIM then use promo code “Jazz” and get a free discount card of more than Rs.300 PKR. Once a user will make an account using this promo code he/she will get an immediately a free Card of more than Rs.300 PKR.

ZONG Promo Code for Alfa account

If you have a zong sim and you want to create alfa account using zong but you dont know what is the promo code in which you will get free discounts then you are on the right place. Use promo code ” ZONG ” and get free easy card of more then 300 rupees.

Telenor Promo Code On Alfa app

If you have a Telenor sim then use the promo code ” Telenor ” to get of 600 rupees of easycard. This promo code will work on only for alfa new users.

Ufone SIM Alfa Promo Codes 2021

Ufone customers can get this discount and can get free Easycard of Rs.300 PKR. This promo code will be expire on 30 February, 2021. It is working on all ufone SIM. if you have ufone sim then use this promo.

How to Make Free Bank Al-Falah Virtual Debit Card (Master Card)

These all promo codes are working right now. Alfa always offers cheap price products. Users can also get mobile phones, laptops, cars and other home products in cheap price and discounts. To get discounts use these promo and voucher codes.

Alfa free Rs.100 PKR Promo Code

If you are an new user and you wants to get free cash and free discounts in your account then use promo code “WASIM” and get Rs.100 PKR after completing signup. User will get Rs.100 PKR in his/her account immediately which can be use anywhere.

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