How to Activate Data Connection on Zong SIM

By | 10/01/2021

The data connection is not turning ON on some Zong SIMS. Many people have a problem with Zong SIM that their SIM sometimes does not turn on the data. So there are two to three reasons why the data connection on Zong SIM is not turned on. I will guide you on how to turn on data connection on Zong using some easy tips.

Zong Data connection off problem solved

Sometimes this problem occurs when we change our mobile phone or restore the mobile phone. As a result, our mobile settings deteriorate and the data connection is no more. the second reason is that we don’t do 3G and 4G settings in our mobile after getting a new SIM. So these were two reasons why the data connection on our SIM is not turned on and we have a lot of trouble.

So I will show you step by step complete method how to make settings of your Zong sim so that data connection is turned on on your sim and 4g sign appears on your mobile.

1) Create the new Access point for Your Zong SIM

On Zong SIM, sometimes we have a problem that we don’t know how to do the internet setting on our mobile phone. Or the internet setting on our SIM is not automatically saved. This problem is more common in older mobile phones and Chinese mobile phones that do not have automatic Internet settings saved. That is why the 4g mark does not appear on our mobile.

So you have to follow the method given below and create an access point in your mobile phone by following this step-by-step method. So as soon as I tell you the access point setting you have to do the same setting on your mobile phone. If your mobile phone has an access point problem, your mobile phone will be fixed and the data connection will start running on your SIM.

Zong 4G internet Settings

  1. Ů–First of all Go to mobile phone settings and go to the networks
  2. if you have dual SIM card then select the Zong SIM
  3. Tape on Access point option (APN), You will see a list of APN settings
  4. Now, tape on Create New APN
  5. Fill details as I tell you below.
  6. APN Name: Zong Internet
  7. APN: Zonginternet
  8. Proxy: (leave empty)
  9. Port: 8080
  10. Save the settings and activate it.

So after making this setting, the data connection in your mobile phone will be turned on again. And the 3g or 4g sign will start appearing on the mobile phone. If the setting does not solve the data connection problem in your mobile phone, then you can follow the method given below.

2) Balance Expired

This is the main reason which many people don’t know. When we get a new SIM or don’t load it easily on our SIM for a long time and our SIM has no money at all. So because of this, the data connection on our SIM is closed. No matter how many settings you make, your problem will not be solved unless you recharge the balance in your SIM.

So if you have made internet settings but your SIM data is still not on then you should recharge the balance in your SIM. The data will then be turned on.

3) Call to Helpline for Data Connection activation

I have told you above 2 methods to turn on data connection of your Zong sim. if above both methods did not work and after the very hard effort you did not succeed then you should make the call to Zong help centre Because it is technical problem and only Zong staff can solve this problem. So make the call to 310 and tell them your problem. They will solve it in a few hours.

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